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  • How can you reserve your place?
    To reserve your place, it is mandatory to do so online on the website following numerous abuses. It's very simple: you go to the "availability" page then you hover over the bubble of the activity that interests you (you sometimes have to be a little patient for the information to appear). You click on the date you are interested in and let yourself be guided through the booking platform. A deposit of €50 will be requested for courses and €10 for group lessons.NO MORE PLACES WILL BE RESERVED IF THE DEPOSIT IS NOT PAID. (For info: 30 cancellations during the summer of 2020, only one due to the coronavirus and 3 due to injuries, for the others: change of program and desire, often the day before the activities!!!)
  • How do I know if my booking went through?
    Each time you make a reservation on the platform, it will automatically send you a confirmation email with all the procedures to follow to finalize your registration. If it doesn't after 5 minutes, it means something went wrong. Check your internet connection and try again. If nothing really works after a 2nd try and you are not lost in the middle of the Pacific, call us, we will reserve the place for you.
  • How can I pay for my activity?
    After paying your deposit online, you will still have to pay the rest to be paid. 3 payment methods are available: 1) On site by credit card (we have a mobile unit) 2) On site in cash 3) From your home and a few days before the start of the course by bank transfer (ATTENTION --> send proof of payment by email and write your child's first name as the reason for the transfer)
  • Do you accept holiday vouchers?
    Unfortunately we are not affiliated with French holiday vouchers, so the answer is no.
  • Why 190€?
    Climbing is a risky sport and is dangerous to supervise: ▶️You entrust us with your children and we do everything we can to ensure their safety, this entails a huge responsibility. ▶️Koalagrimpe offers real services: parasols, treasure hunts, level books... Everything is thought out to offer the best possible experience to all our students (young or old). ▶️We take risks ourselves by installing the ropes for your children. ▶️We provide all the expensive equipment. ▶️Koalagrimpe pays its instructors properly. ▶️As a liberal profession, we pay all our costs (accounting, mileage, medical/social costs, professional insurance). ▶️Not to mention all the time spent preparing registrations and managing the equipment so that your experience goes as well as possible when you arrive and which is not "paid directly" (these are days and days of preparation) . ⛷️For example: a week of group alpine skiing lessons for children at ESF Chamonix costs on average €185 without equipment or ski pass.
  • Why do I pay for the entrance to my child's climbing room in case of rain (7€/child)?
    In case of rain we have 3 solutions (see "in case of rain" section) and we believe that if we go indoors it is to "save" your children's session.We cannot "invite" children by paying for tickets for obvious financial reasons. It's an exchange of courtesies. We thank you for your understanding.
  • On which sites are my children likely to climb during their internship?
    The course is designed for and around climbing for your children. We therefore want to vary the climbing sites we go to as much as possible (this limits attendance and allows us to vary the educational situations). Usually we go: MONDAY: Gaillands to Chamonix (Bus line 1 stop "Gaillands" / train stop "Pèlerins") TUESDAY: les Chavants to Les Houches (Bus line 1 stop "Prarion") WEDNESDAY: Col des Montets between Argentière and Vallorcine (line 2 stop "Argentière" then line 21 stop "Col des Montets" or train stop "Argentière" + Line 21 "col des Montets THURSDAY: the cliff of Servoz ("Servoz station" train) FRIDAY: Gaillands to Chamonix (same as Monday) This program is obviously dependent on the climatological conditions of each week and given as an indication. 2023 Chamonix Mont Blanc valley bus and train timetables and maps (pdf): https://www
  • Where is the meeting point for the group lesson on Thursday and Friday?
    Thursday afternoons and Friday afternoons at 2 p.m. we offer group lessons on the Gaillands cliff located in Chamonix, this historic cliff is perfect. The meeting is given at the foot of the main cliff on the left or between the 2 small lakes even further to the left of the main cliff. Try to find the blue umbrellas if the weather is good. On Fridays we install a zip line for even more fun. ATTENTION --> online reservation required to participate in the session. Accessible by car, type "Gaillands cliff" on google maps. Accessible by bus: line 1, stop "les gaillands". Accessible by train: "Les Pilgrims" stop.
  • Where is the meeting point for the group lesson on Tuesday?
    Every Tuesday afternoon we offer a group session at 2 p.m. on the Chavants cliff. This cliff is located in Les Houches next to the Lac des Chavants and the refreshment bar which bears the same name. ATTENTION --> online reservation required to participate. The meeting is given at the foot of the cliff near the blue parasol when the weather is nice. Site accessible by bus: line 1, stop "prarion". By car, type on google maps "buvette des Chavants".
  • Do you go to a climbing gym?
    Unfortunately, the Les Houches climbing gym with which we had a partnership has changed owners and their course of action is much more oriented towards... the financial side. To quote the current manager: "We prefer to favor adult tickets at 17€ rather than children's tickets at 10€" (for understandable security reasons, places in this room are limited). This attitude does not correspond to ours and we prefer not to go to this room anymore. We will offer you the Megève room, a superb alternative with their beautiful climbing area for children but which remains a bit far from the valley (allow 40 minutes by car from Chamonix). We are waiting to eventually be able to go to the new room under construction at Le Fayet (opening in October 2023 - to be continued)
  • Postponement of the session/cancellation/credit?
    In case of rain 3 solutions: 1) We suggest you shift the schedule slightly to avoid drops when possible. 2) We offer you a credit for future registration. 3) We offer you a refund for the session. You choose.
  • What should I bring for my child's session?
    In summer it is sometimes very hot, but also very cool in the mornings (despite global warming, it is cool at night). Remember to bring a small backpack with a bottle of water and a cake (and also lots of pastries for the instructors... Oh no, sorry, we're kidding). Remember to put sunscreen on your children (neck, ears, calves and arms) when the weather is very hot and sunny. Remember to provide them with a small fleece or a sweatshirt for cooler mornings. Or a k-way when showers are announced. And finally closed sneakers for children who are going to climb the Col des Montets, La Joux or Vallorcine during the climbing courses.
  • Are gloves useful?
    Yes absolutely. MTB gloves are perfect (with open fingers) to protect your children's fingers when belaying/pulling ropes for climbing buddies.
  • What climbing equipment should my child have for their session?
    We provide all the equipment (helmet, harness, climbing shoes). But obviously if you already have one, bring it. We will complete with what we have.
  • Do I have to buy equipment for my child?
    If you don't have any equipment at the moment, don't buy anything, we lend everything.
  • Can we give you the climbing shoes of our children who have become too small?
    Yes with pleasure. They will make new people happy and will accompany the exploits of our little koalas. A bottle is often offered as a thank-you (but SHHSH, it's a secret!).
  • On which sites are my children likely to climb during their internship?
    The course is designed for and around climbing for your children. We therefore want to vary the climbing sites we go to as much as possible (this limits attendance and allows us to vary the educational situations). Usually we go: MONDAY: Gaillands to Chamonix TUESDAY: Les Chavants in Les Houches WEDNESDAY: Col des Montets between Argentière and Vallorcine THURSDAY: the cliff of Servoz FRIDAY: Gaillands to Chamonix This program is obviously dependent on the climatological conditions of each week and given as an indication.
  • When will I receive my child's weekly internship program?
    As a rule, we always send the program the Thursday before the start of your child's camp. This allows us to have enough perspective on the weather and to be able to offer you an almost definitive program. If you haven't received anything by Saturday morning, call us!
  • May I cancel my reservation ?
    It may happen that your program changes. And we understand that. BUT please think of us and try to let us know as soon as possible.
  • Can my deposit be refunded?
    Yes, but it depends on your reason and the cancellation period: 1) injury, illness, compelling family situations: we gladly reimburse. 2) program change... If you notify us more than 2 weeks in advance, we will refund the deposit. 3) change of program, oversights, less than 2 weeks before the start of the course... Well no, we keep the deposit unless we find another child. 4) cancellation without reason, forgetting less than 4 days before the start of the course... Really, that's a big no. And know that we put you on a blacklist!
  • How can I be reimbursed?
    Send us an IBAN so that we can reimburse you by bank transfer. Or else in cash.
  • Can the course be reimbursed in the event of injury or illness of my child?
    Yes. Your reimbursement will be made in proportion to the number of sessions missed from the receipt of a medical certificate. Example: your medical certificate is backdated to Tuesday, April 19, but you warn Wednesday, April 20 by email, sending your certificate as an attachment --> you will not be able to be reimbursed only from Wednesday to Friday (therefore 3 sessions). TELL US AS SOON AS POSSIBLE SO THAT WE CAN FIND A REPLACEMENT FOR YOUR CHILD'S PLACE: so we can refund you in full... Remember: we are independent (our seasons are very important to live the rest of the year) and not responsible for the illness or injury of your child...< /p>
  • What are the measures taken by koalagrimpe?
    First measure taken by koalagrimpe since our beginnings: parasols protect your children from the sun when they are on the ground. Finally, for 2 years and the high temperatures that occur more and more regularly in summer, we have on several occasions moved the sessions a little later in the day in order to take advantage of the shade of the cliff. Instead of 2 p.m. the appointment is given 1 hour later: 3 p.m. Children are calmer and less "crushed" by the heat thanks to this measure.
  • Should I bring anything specific?
    We recommend that you provide a large bottle of water (1.5L) for each child, as they need to drink a lot during their session. Little freshness tips: 1) Put the water bottles in the freezer during your lunch so that they are very cold. 2) Provide a thermos of cold water (thermos keep cold as well as hot 😉)
  • What are your degrees?
    Magaly has a state patent and has been working with it since 2011. She has also been a winter ski instructor in French ski schools in the Alps since 2013. And finally, which probably explains her passion for activities with children , she has held the BAFA since 2009. The other instructors who work with Koalagrimpe all hold a state climbing diploma or trainee of this same state diploma (compulsory to teach for a fee in France).We all have professional civil liability and a sports educator declaration. As a reminder, teaching sport for remuneration without a diploma is punishable by a fine of €15,000 and one year's imprisonment.
  • Is the treasure hunt on the ground or on the cliff?
    The treasure hunt is vertical. Explanations: the safe is at the foot of the climbing routes and is locked by a code. Children must climb to look for objects that will solve a puzzle and find the code. 6 puzzle themes exist: mountain animals, vikings, planets, dinosaurs, princesses, and mountaineers.
  • Why is the minimum age 4 years old?
    For obvious reasons of size and maturity. Children aged 3 and a half who are very athletic and motivated can take part in a private lesson, but not in the group lessons which are too long and physical for them.


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