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74310 Les Houches, Haute Savoie \\ Tel: +33788959234

Entreprise individuelle \\ SIRET 80271742100035

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Some friends of koalagrimpe:
Koalagrimpe's first support. The reputation of the brand is second to none and allows us to guarantee you maximum safety with very good quality ropes and climbing shoes. Thank you!
Redeem is an incredibly dynamic and innovative brand, driven by 2 wonderful seamstresses: Pauline and Irène. Their objective? Recover all used mountain equipment and transform it into any kind of eco-responsible textile project. They designed our little clue bags for treasure hunts from A to Z. Result: No waste, only recovery. WELL DONE!
The tourist offices of the Chamonix valley have welcomed koalagrimpe with open arms from the start of its history and have supported us ever since. Thanks again!
Do you want to learn about mountaineering? Learn to evolve in this environment in complete safety? Well here is the coolest school of mountaineering supervised by Léo bréchignac - high mountain guide and generous and adorable mountaineer who will know how to guide you in the most beautiful corners of the Alps.
Honey from the bees of P'tit Philou in Corsica near Corte. Delicious and varied, this honey will remind you of your sweet Corsican evenings just by tasting it. Made with passion by Philou, climbing instructor for a long time. Now a full-time beekeeper. Thank you for the little jars of honey that we offer to the children in spring and fall Philou!
Julie is a ski instructor full of talents and an unfailing moral support for koalagrimpe. It is therefore without hesitation that we encourage you to visit her website for the renovation of old or more recent seats, armchairs and sofas, to give your interiors a makeover, do not hesitate to contact her!!
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Cours et stage escalade Chamonix
The SNAPEC (national union of climbing teacher and canyoning guide) is the historical union of the profession and insures us in professional civil insurance.
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